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Foreign media that apple in China iPad trademark battle by the counter

Proview ( Shenzhen) Limited company 6 in the Shanghai Pudong New Area people's court for a temporary ban, required Apple stopped in mainland China using iPad this trademark.

Japan animation industry favored

Japanese animation culture has formed a mature industry, from education to final product production, a relatively perfect system.

The world’s largest oilfield services will be replaced by iPhone BlackBerry four thousand employees

In the enterprise intelligent mobile phone market, the Canadian RIM to hit the world's largest oilfield services provider, Halliburton ( Halliburton ) recently announced, will take over 4000 employees of Blackberry mobile phone replacement into iPhone, the future will stop issuing Blackberry mobile phone.

Health research: good sleep can be effective anti-cancer

Research shows that, a good sleep can effectively help people to avoid the risk of cancer. This is because, sleep can affect human body hormone balance, and hormonal disorders on whether a person suffering from cancer effects, hormone in cortical hormone, melatonin, estrogens are considered to be on the human body are suffering from cancer has an influence on the potential factors.

Anime secret: you do not know one piece mysterious details

"One piece" is a Japanese cartoon industry sales big boss. Although there is no" Conan" 17 years of a long time, but so far, the sea poacher has continued for 15 years. In this time of 15 years, more and more people are a sea poacher of the kind described friendship touched.

Investigation shows that iPhone4S iPhone4 sales more than 75%

According to the survey data from NPD, apple's iPhone4S, iphone4 and iPhone3GS became the smart phone market sales of the top three products, with a market share of 43%.

Naruto 572 words text information ten tail will now

The words of the main clue, comes from the six way of words, or was it a nine tail memories.According to the words on page 11 six way of words: "and not like in my body, that you will be when will be the right guidance."

Spring health is to protect liver Yang diet appropriate embellish solid sleep appropriate early

"Little rain all the new and creative, a ray surprised zhi beginning. A light rain after the snow, the air was belongs to the fresh flavor of spring. Look at the calendar, already is surprised zhi will to and all things when the recovery. Experience a winter is depressing later, is it time to start a new life. So, from now on, learn to maintain oneself, playing good physical basis!

Industry and commerce survey iPad trademark infringement apple or face 240 million ticket

If you are a "pink", when you heard that hand this one may use the iPad is the trademark of the others when they think about it? In fact, this sounds like fiction story is happening, the apple iPad may for trademark infringement and face stiff fines. The reporter learns yesterday, xicheng industry and commerce bureau has apple trademark infringement strongly put on record, are investigating processing.

Each spring how to the health care

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, spring is in a home health attach great importance to the season. Because this season sun be the spirit hair, hoping, but also is all sorts of bacteria and microbial propagation, the revival of the season, the disease is easy to pop.

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