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George’s Rants & Raves: Three Olives Vodka Rangtang

Allow me to preamble this review by saying that Three Olives Vodka, with no flavoring, is an outstanding, super smooooooth, super premium vodka that is perfect all by itself and makes a wonderful martini.

George’s Rants & Raves: Three Olives Cherry Infused Vodka

YUM! Premium (say smooooth) vodka with its own built in twist.

H2Orange: A Purposed Water

It arrived a few days ago, and when I saw the cylindrical plastic packaging I knew it had to be another fine example of the distiller’s art.

George’s Rants & Raves: Chasing The Green Fairy

She flew into my arms, even though trapped within a tall green bottle with only her eyes visible through that cloudy glass.

George’s Rants & Raves: The Fountain of Youth, Jagermeister

Jagermeister, the very name itself haunts the recessed and dusty darkened cellars of my mind.

George’s Rants & Raves: Barenjager, The Honey Bear

What idiot came up with the old proverb, “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar”?

George’s Rants & Raves: Gekkeikan Japanese Plum Wine

Love me or hate me but don’t just be ambivalent!! It is simple marketing 101 that passion, good or bad, will move product but a “who cares” attitude is a killer.

George’s Rants & Raves: Gekkeikan Sake and Zipang

There I was looking at the green bottle with the colorful labels and Japanese writing and art when in the corner I spied, “Product of USA produced and bottled in Folsom California 95630”.

George’s Rants and Raves: Eat Your Pet

I know, I know I usually write about spirits but you really can’t blame a guy for wanting to expand his horizons.

George’s Rants and Raves: Distinguete Tequila

How in the world did early man, and for that matter early woman, ever figure out how to eat and drink the things that they ended up eating and drinking?

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