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10 Simple And Free Tips To Advertising Your Services

Many writers use only free advertising methods and are successful. In fact I know several writers that are currently landing more jobs than they can

Remember A Draft Modifications Check

It is very important to turn to other people when editing a very important document. This is because some corrections you didn't see may have been

Freewriting – It Can Boost Your Creativity

This is the second article I've written on freewriting (also called rapidwriting). Why am I doing it? Because I want anyone who has to write a

Write Fantasy That Sells!

I frequently hear people ask, "Why is Harry Potter so successful?" I even find book reviewers and publishers asking it. They scratch their heads,

Getting Edited – When The Hamster Made Love To A Pig

I remember how happy I had felt when I plunked down my rucksack and announced I was a visiting writer to the lady at the check-in counter at a resort

Real Writing Jobs – Where To Look

Many people are looking for different ways to earn money from home which leads them to look for real writing jobs. The reason that there is emphasis

EBook Writing As A Means Of Promoting Your Products

EBook writing is a very poplar way of promoting your products, but in order to be successful it must conform to certain unwritten rules. The eBook

Secrets Of Developing A Writing Style

Many writers are worried about their style. They often apologize with phrases like, "I'm not really a writer," and feel self-conscious about the

Writing, Submissions, And Working With Editors

Every writer, at least hopefully, will work with an editor from time to time. While, we'd all like it to be on a regular basis, time to time is

How To Write High Quality Articles In Less Than 20 Minutes

If you were able to write high quality articles in less than 20 minutes, it could have a large impact on your overall productivity. If you are

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