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Understanding Google Panda Update

What was worse that many quality websites suddenly lost their search engine rankings. Those who had honestly worked hard to get top rankings saw all their efforts were gone in the blink of an eye.

Right way To Use Pictures On Websites

A computer screen is designed to display images at maximum 72dpi (dots per inch). So there is absolutely no point having high DPI images like 300 DPIs (which are meant for print usage).

How To Get Exactly The website You Need

It can be the most frustrating part at most times to explain to the web designer the layout design you have in your mind. You will find that putting the picture in your mind into words can be much more difficult than you imagined.

SEO – On-site and Off-site Optimization

Every website wants to get high on index in the search engine results page. There is a tough competition going on between websites to attain a good rank on Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Website Trends By Addictive Media

Websites started of as mere information mediums. There was no other use of these virtual catalogues. Things today have changed and how. Websites are used to sell & buy products.

SEO – Link Building Secrets

This is a modern world and we have a good thing called social media to rely upon for socialization. You can let others know about your business through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

Promote Your Business Through Videos

Video promotion has taken a new turn since websites like YouTube, MetaCafe, Yahoo, Google, Veoh, etc. have emerged. People upload thousands of videos daily on these websites.

Website Content Writing

Writing for websites might look like one of the simplest challenge for a writer as he is given the brief on what to write and he just needs to put it in fancy words.

Popularize Your Business On Twitter

Twitter can prove a good platform to promote your trade. You can tweet regarding your company, its products, policy updates, additions and deletions, etc.

Marketing The New Product

If you have launched the new product on small scale then you can take risk as you can bear the loss of low investment but you must not take risk with your new product if you are planning to launch it on a big scale.

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