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The Domiciliary Eye Test

Domiciliary optometrists carry specially made portable sight testing equipment to allow them to provide eye tests in people’s homes.

Home Eye Test: The Patient’s Perspective

An 84 year old lady living in a bungalow in Norfolk recently had a home eye test and recounted her experience for the benefit of other people in a similar situation who are debating about whether to invite an optician into their home.

The Importance Of Eye Test

Eye Test: Why? An Eye Test can determine symptoms of Eye Ailments at an early stage which not only saves the patient from permanent blindness but also saves a lot of money.

Regular Eye Tests Are Important

Importance Of The Eye Test Eye tests evaluate the vision and health of the eyes. They determine whether a person requires spectacles for the correction of their vision, both for distance and near objects.

Optical Tools To Consider For At-Home Eyeglass Repair

A pair of Spectacles consists of so many minute parts and screws that special Optical Tools have to be used in order to repair them.

Common Eye Care Tips An Eye Specialist Would Likely Encourage

The Common Eye Care Tips are unfortunately not very commonly followed. The busy schedule in modern life has minimized the scope for following the Eye Care Tips diligently.

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