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Wedding Invitation Cards – Things To Keep In Mind

“Two such as you with such a master speed cannot be parted nor be swept away from one another once you are agreed that life is only life forevermore together wing to wing and oar to oar.” – Robert Frost And as Frost puts it clearly how loveable and important marriage is, pretty surely no stone should be left unturned in making this auspicious occasion as special as possible. Wedding invitation card is the first step towards a successful wedding ceremony.

Announce your Wedding in Style with a Scroll Wedding Card

India is a land of majestic forts and palaces and boasts of a glorious history dotted with numerous great kings and queens and the sagas of their bravery, valour, wealth and riches. In the modern world, only the traces of that lavish royal life are available. However, each one of us, no matter rich or poor dreams of living that life full of extravagance and the rising tradition of arranging royal weddings in India is proof enough to testify the same.

Choose Blue Wedding Flowers this Wedding Season

Still wondering about what wedding flowers should you pick up for your wedding ceremony? Well, that’s exactly why we are here- to see you through your dilemmas and to make sure that your wedding day turns out to be the most splendid day of your life.

Selecting Designer Wedding Dress and Looking at Some Honeymoon Destinations

Wedding: A Conglomerate. The glory of the D-Day stores in itself the hard working pre-wedding days of preparations. The most exciting and cardinal things to work on are the wedding dress and the honeymoon. After accomplishing the search for a perfect Designer Wedding Dress for the belle and the adonis (yes, it has to be a designer wedding dress to make the bride and groom a more desirable sight), finding the perfect destination for honeymoon becomes a great ordeal.

Choose A Theme For Your Wedding

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the biggest and auspicious days of anyone’s life. To make this day memorable and special, many couples are adopting the concept of theme wedding. Though not much popular in India, theme wedding are slowly garnering momentum, especially in cities.

Planning to get married? Wade through

Getting married turns out to be the most special moment in everybody’s life. It’s a door that opens to a new life, new relations and new people. The wedding day stays alive as a beautiful memory not only in the hearts of the bride and groom, but also the whole of their families. Therefore, while getting married, make sure that you do so in a very special and ever-memorable way. Getting married involves a lot of planning and management: both aesthetic and monetary.

Your Suitable Indian Wedding Planners

Indian weddings are grand affairs spanning over a number of days and hence are tedious as well. Moreover, the fast paced life that we have accustomed ourselves to doesn’t spare us any time to take a break from our hectic schedule and plan an affair as huge and grand as an Indian wedding. Therefore, no matter whether the wedding ceremony is a small or a lavish one, Indian wedding planners are slowly evolving as indispensable in the present scenario.

The Grand Indian Wedding

A palatial venue, elaborate floral decorations, massive rangolis and shehnai at the entrance, a menu comprising over hundred odd dishes, elephants (or do u prefer camels?) in the royal convoy of the baraatis complete with footmen and the entry of the bride in a bejeweled palanquin wearing an outfit out of the latest issue of ‘Brides’. Sounds like your dream Indian wedding does it?Put your hands together ladies and gentlemen, this article brings to you... your own... *Drumroll*

The Popularity of Wedding Invites

At a time when e-wedding invites are increasingly gaining popularity amidst soon to be married couples and their families with more and more people becoming technology friendly, one cannot deny the fact that the quaint custom of getting wedding invites printed on parchment papers along with mirror work and lots of intricate drawing still continues to enjoy the elite position it always had. Wedding invites still hold a position of pride and honour for Indian families.

Types of Wedding gowns

There are various types of wedding gowns available in the market for a beautiful bride out there. A wedding is a special occasion and the gown must be carefully selected to give elixir to the wedding occasion. Lets’ take a look at alternatives for a wedding gown.

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