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The services of a stenographer

Stenography should not be confused with the process of dictation that was once common in most office settings. While both practices make use of shorthand to prepare transcripts, the dictation work of administrative assistants is usually confined to the preparation of documents such as letters or interoffice memos. By contrast, the stenographer is focused on the preparation of permanent records that often have legal standing in a court of law.

Many companies use an attrition

Many companies use an attrition rate as a good measure of customer service. Keeping a customer, in many cases, may be just as important as attracting a new one, if not more so. In fact, often a company may cite its attrition rate as a marketing tool. In such cases, it is not referred to by the technical term, but rather a number of "returning customers."

Performance guarantee is a promise

Other guarantees occur. For example, there are many private schools that now guarantee students can finish an undergraduate degree in four years, and if they don't, they get a fifth year free. This offer can look pretty good when state schools are cutting budgets and classes dramatically, and might make a student lean toward private education, even though it's more expensive.

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