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The Summary of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

  After the aftermath of the "Big Cataclysm" faded; Pandaria heroes will stand up and decide allegiance to the Union or the tribe.

Blizzard Internal Network was Hacked

  • Posted August 17, 2012
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  • in category Games
  Blizzard issued an emergency notice, their internal network was hacked, part of the users' account information were stolen.

Craftsman Can’t Drilling In Diablo 3

  • Posted August 14, 2012
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  • in category Games
  Player: I looked at my internet website near to the manual, the jeweler can give drilling equipment, but there haven't even although in the game.

Guild Wars 2 Designers: Blend the RPG into MMORPG

  • Posted August 5, 2012
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  • in category Games
  Recently ArenaNet interviewed Guild Wars 2 developer Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum and conducted a video of a brief but very important, they locked the conversation in the game finishing and what it means to Guild Wars 2. Following up to see what the contents they said!

World of Warcraft :Mists of Pandaria Concert will be Held in September

Beijing Wukesong Sports Center Gymnasium will host a concert of "World of Warcraft" on September 8. It is said that an important surprise announcement at the concert will be publish! We guess it is may be about the national costume of the "Pandaria".

Can Guild Wars 2 has the Same Status with WOW

  Guild War 2 this weekend could possibly be held original local community screening weekend activities, online game has not yet operation, ArenaNet experienced unveiled recently from the future. Players the particulars using the send services function.

Diablo 3: Blizzard’s sweatshops

There is no doubt that "Diablo 3" is Blizzard’s sweatshops, in some extent, it is more like a huge casino, Blizzard reap huge profits from it crazily.

The New Detail Features of Guild Wars 2

  Colin Johanson, the arch agreeable artist of Guild Wars 2, appear a new column in the the ArenaNet official blog. In it, it explores the abstraction of success of Guild Wars 2 and how best to succeed.

Excellent Tips for Diablo Novices

  These are some useful knowledge and skills accumulated by Diablo 3 players, if you really want to good at Diablo 3, perhaps you need to know them.

Every Masterpiece Gaming are Combined with Local Characteristics

  Recalled the previous time, I played some online games, of course, I also playing online games now. Now many countries are in the introduction of other countries online games products and these online games has its own characteristics.

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