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Canada’s Worst List

Hello again everyone Just thought we’d pass on some fun info for you. It’s called the Top 15: 15. Worst Tea-Like Substance SoBe Zen Tea (20 oz bottle) •275 calories •70 g sugar

Let’s talk Pregnancy !

Let’s talk Pregnancy! I know a couple of people who are thinking about or are already pregnant, so I thought I’d focus this month’s newsletter on pregnancy. Here's a few things you need to know.


We all try to eat well. We think we obtain all the nutrients we need from the foods we eat, but read these points below. You may find that, perhaps, we’re not. For instance, iodine, an essential mineral for regulating the thyroid gland, can only be found NOW in sea vegetables. Maybe that’s why many of us have thyroid problems.

Where do I get my calcium?

So, Where do I get my calcium? That’s a question that many clients ask me when considering the possibility of eliminating dairy from their diets. The simplest way to answer that is with another question. Where do cows get all their calcium from? Do they drink milk? No, they eat lots of grass and greens! Unfortunately over the years, we’ve forgotten that calcium comes from other sources than cows’ milk. Some excellent sources include beets, broccoli, collards, kale, kidney beans, parsley, sesame seeds, almonds, brazil nuts, salmon or sardines with bones and especially sea vegetables.

The Importance Of Water

The body is made of 60-70% water. In fact every cell in our body is made of water. We can survive for weeks without food, but only 3-5 days without water. Water is also required for every bodily process; such as digestion, absorption, circulation and elimination.

Am I Stressed?

The best way to illustrate this is by giving an example of a typical day for a stay at home mom. It may go something like this: Get up, get the kids, wash and get dressed, go down and make breakfast, put their lunches together, remind them to actually eat their breakfast, try and eat something yourself, throw in some laundry and leave for school. Go exercise, do errands, buy groceries, come home put things away, throw in another load of laundry, eat some lunch, go to school pick up the kids.

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