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Business Strategies: Various Management Tools Used for Six Sigma

Six Sigma, though it sounds a lot like a college fraternity, is actually a popular business management strategy that was first implemented by Motorola in 1986.

Online Reference Purchase: Learning is One Click Away

One effective way of learning is through the use of visuals that aid reading comprehension, be it in the form of videos, photos, illustrations, diagrams, and the sort.

The Significance of AS9100 in Maintaining Safe Aircrafts

The aerospace industry has one of the highest accident rates and most horrific tragedies recorded in history.

The Advantages of E-Learning in Business Training

There comes a point in a business life cycle when there is a need to step up to keep up with the times.

Six Sigma and Root Cause Analysis for Call Centers

Many businesses outsource some processes related to interacting with customers to call centers.

ISO/TS 16949: Standardizing the Quality of the Automotive Supply Chain

The TS 16949 provides the requirements of a quality management system specific to the automotive sector.

Creating Value and Customer Satisfaction with Internal Quality Audits

Internal quality audits are performed to measure the quality management system of an organization. These audits check if the processes and products meet the quality standards defined by the company.

Using Training Videos for Corrective Action Planning

Many business owners and executives are advised to implement a solid corrective action plan to improve workflow and avoid any potential internal conflict

Tips on Transition from ISO 9001 to AS9100

A lot of companies, especially those in the vehicle manufacturing industry, are finding it difficult to stay in business because of the current recession.

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