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Decor essentials for a commercial space – Restaurant reception area

Most restaurants have a combined reception area cum bill desk and however small or big the space is, it is important to keep up to style even here as it holds great importance in making or breaking a deal.

Decor essentials for a commercial space – Restaurant reception area contd.

In the last article, we discussed giving your reception area a thematic look. Amongst the most commonly used themes that one can never go wrong with, natural theme is what we discussed.

Decor essentials for commercial space – Restaurant kitchen

We are in times when ambience and decor are given equal importance when it comes to planning the interiors of a restaurant. In fact, it is a great crowd-pulling anchor, used very effectively in marketing and advertising the place.

Understanding hip replacement surgery procedure

The excruciating pain in the hips and joints should not be ignored. It is advised that as soon as one experiences the fist bouts of pain, one should visit an orthopedics specialist who can direct and help diagnose the exact reason.

How to do up your home – bathroom space

First impression is the last impression! We all come across this much popular adage every often, but ever thought how it stands just right for our bathrooms?

How to do up your home – kitchen area

Kitchen is one of the most utilized areas in a household. Cooking, cleaning, chopping, to sometimes even eating, kitchens do serve a lot of purposes in houses.

How to do up your home – Balcony area

A new concept in the interior decor industry that has evolved over the last few years is of theme homes. Those who can spare the little extra to give their dream homes a unique look go for theme homes in which the complete decor of the house is based on a particular theme.

How to do up your home – Bedroom

The concept of ‘my own space’ is highly talked about and promoted. Be it ones private life, ones office or even ones home, everyone everywhere is looking to carve out a niche space for themselves that has every element of peace and comfort.

How to do up your office – personal cabins

In a corporate set-up, it is increasingly becoming important to provide the management level employees with more private space for themselves.

How to do up the office – Reception area

The importance of first impression cannot be denied and especially if one is in the client servicing business, it gets even more important to create a first impression that lasts forever.

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