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Iphone Mania

There are people out there who wax lyrical about iphones, and if you look at statistics about the iphone, you will see there are a lot of them. It’s understandable, of course. But what’s also impressive is the sheer amount of marketing force behind Apple and behind this particular device.

Need a Change? Go for It!

We’re lucky if we have a place where we feel at home. It gives us a sense of security and we know what we are coming back to at the end of the day. But sometimes we all need a change.

Top Ten Statistics About Apple

It’s everywhere! And it looks so pretty. But the brand is doing more than that – they are rocking it all over the world and making millions. Or more.

China Is In

China isn’t just the next big thing – it already is the big thing. Who knows what you will find there.

In Touch? In Touch!

You can choose and you can decide for yourself what works best, and there’s always a way to coordinate things with your friends. But the most important thing besides being able to stay in touch with people you want to be in touch with is: have fun with all the new stuff out there!

An Open World

With the expansion of the Internet, which will only continue, our thirst for getting to know the new, for wanting to travel has only increased. The world is out there for the taking, and the more you explore, the more rounded you become as a person.

The Beauty of Online Shopping

Shopping. I mean the enjoyable, for yourself, for fun kind, not the getting groceries on a Saturday evening frazzled kind. I mean, shopping can and should be enjoyable. Sometimes we have to wait a little before we can do it – it does depend on the wallet, after all. Sometimes we just don’t want to, but we need something, so we do it. But one way or the other, it’s part of our lives, especially in this consumer-orientated society. Like it or not, it’s there!

Eating Healthy at the Office

I worry especially about eating at the workplace. After all, it’s not like one has too much time over there. You’re there 9 to 5, there’s an hour for your lunch break, you end up eating really quick to make it back to the office in time, and during the break you might only be thinking about your next assignment and how to get that done on time as well. No normal chewing, no relaxed breathing and no enjoying your meal – horrible!

China: Attention-Grabber

We want to have information about the latest thing, the latest news, the countries on the brink of change or a fundamental development that will have a lasting impact on the world economy. Take China, for instance.

The Apple of My Eye – Unavoidably

It’s like a stampede. Everywhere you look, it’s Apple, Apple, Apple and once again… yes, you guessed it, Apple!

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