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Awaiting Spring in Wyoming

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SteelMaster “Partner in Steel” Mr. Francis Silvernell can hardly wait for spring to arrive this year. Notwithstanding the sub-zero evening temperature dives in Recluse, Wyoming with its snow laden landscape, spring holds a special allure for him. When thawing begins, he will begin the finishing touches on his 25′ x 60′ SteelMaster shop building, having it fully operational by the time summer arrives.

Steel-workshop-wyomingThere was no need to ask Francis and his wife Mary, how their SteelMaster experience has been thus far. They were all too willing to give a resounding, “Great experience… all the way around! The folks at SteelMaster are a joy to work with. We will definitely purchase another building in the future.”

“My main structure is up. I will be using my SteelMaster building as a shop on our ranch. It is by no means finished, as we are in the middle of winter right now. The interesting part of assembling this building is that I alone, for the most part, was able to construct my pre-fabricated building myself. It took me only 21 days, one piece at a time. The slab will be poured in spring. After I add a few nuts and bolts, close in the ends, grout the panel bottoms, install electrical and lighting, then I should be finished,” beams Francis.

You may be asking, is this the norm for one man to complete the majority of a SteelMaster structure of this size in such a short time-frame.

Michelle Wickum, SteelMaster’s Director of Marketing said, “When I went to work for SteelMaster, I realized in order for me know my product and believe in it, I had to build one myself. For many SteelMaster customers, it is all about the pride of being able to do-it-yourself. For others, it becomes a labor of love – a dream project.”

“I am quite sure it took me longer than most to construct my SteelMaster storage shed. My Steelmaster building is small in comparison to Mr.Silvernell’s big, sprawling workshop. SteelMaster offers such a plethora of building types with limitless options, while keeping in mind not everyone is a pro like Mr. Silvernell. I credit my ability to construct my shed to SteelMaster’s step-by-step instructions. Thankfully, they are written in layman’s terms, not Latin,” laughed Michelle.

Francis Silvernell was kind enough to offer some valuable tips for other “do it yourself” SteelMaster customers, “I constructed a temporary scaffolding system for the highest parts of the main frame. I had help with the first two sections, but that was it. Since I had to do this myself, I came up with some interesting techniques. I bought a five-pack of alignment tools, and used vice grips and clamps. My 3/8 air impact was also important to the assembly. It also does not hurt that I am 6’5″ and have a long reach,” he added.

SteelMaster prefabricated arched  and metal shops provide 100 percent unencumbered usable space for organization, storage, and protection of valuable tools and machinery. Customers can expect the same step-by-step directions and ease of assembly Michelle and Francis experienced – even without his height and long reach!

SteelMaster’s steel building and metal pre-engineered buildings are designed for a broad range of residential and commercial applications including homes, farm buildings, garages, workshops, agricultural storage, Quonsets, airplane hangars, RV storage, roofing systems, carports, military buildings, commercial warehousing, and industrial storage as well as a wide variety of custom building applications including athletic facilities, retail stores, churches, bus stops, smoke shacks, doggie dorms, and correctional facilities.

With more than 40,000 satisfied customers with buildings throughout the United States, more than 50 overseas countries, and on six continents, Steelmaster is proud to add Mr. Francis Silvernell to this list, and of course, SteelMaster’s own, Michelle Wickum.

“SteelMaster is not about selling buildings,” Michelle said. “We are also here for the customer after the sale, during construction, and long after the building is up and operational. SteelMaster is in the business of building relationships. We just happen to sell the best steel arched and metal pre-fabricated buildings in the industry.”

The author presents the experience of Mr. Francis Silvernell with Steel Master buildings. His 25’ x 60’ SteelMaster shop building in Recluse, Wyoming stands firm in the snow laden landscape which makes him positive to buy another <a href=””>steel building</a> in future.


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