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Awesome invention to keep in the backyard for entertainment

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Everyone likes to watch Television in their living room but always they wish to have a TV in their backyard so that they can enjoy watching TV with the fresh and natural air while sitting in the backyard. Previously it was quite difficult to keep the LCD screen in the open area as it was difficult to save it from outside environment. But now with the invention of LCD Enclosure, it is become so easy to keep your screen outdoor in the deck location. These enclosures provide all the relevant fortification by preventing the entire equipment safe from harmful weather attack and from the vandals that damage the screen.

These enclosures are made up of stainless steel material which provides strong solution and most rigid surface protection to the LCD outdoor screen. These not only provide the solution to keep the screen in backyard but also protect the outdoor digital signage solutions.

Previously there was a patio cabinet that was made for the same purpose but was an unsuccessful product. Patio cabinets were made up from timber and other porous material. The main problem that was arising in these cabinets was that they easily enter the cupboard and damage the internal area of the LCD. Another invention of LCD cabinets which was duly fitted with the heating units and thermostat cooling was the awesome invention for any sort of development.

Now days if many people setting an outdoor living place they are also preferring to install outdoor television as they have got the best way to protect the screen from the environmental damage and vandals as the material of the enclosure helps to keep the LCD in the open place either for enjoyment or to pass your message.

These screen enclosures are also safe against the accidental damages. For an example we can say that when adults play outdoors with the ball then there will be more tendencies of accidents. This will leads to smashed of any glass material and sometimes a person injury. To overcome such problems LCD enclosures was introduced. These enclosures are made up from hard steel material which protects the screen from damages and injuries that can cause to any person when they come in direct contact with the smashed screen.

This can has become possible because of the special reflective film attached which looks like a designed window which is endure with 500 gram ball made from steel that that ensures a standard resistance from vandalism.

If you want to keep a LCD screen in your backyard, then don’t forget to make use of the LCD Enclosure which will protect your screen from environmental damages.


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  • Posted On June 1, 2012
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