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Beanstalk Marketing recently organised a networking event discussing the myths and misconceptions about paid links for search engine optimization (SEO). The presenter posed a compelling argument about how paid links can augment an SEO campaign, focused in three key areas of context.B2B Marketing

  1. The general perception that Google isn’t effective at catching paid links (for example, JCPenney was not penalized until an article from The New York Times called out the issue,
  2. The perceived industry consensus about the use of paid links (referencing an SEO Optmize Survey from September 2011, polling SEOs on whether they do or would buy links),
  3. Google’s subjective definition constituting the “buying links” or participating in “link schemes” designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank.

Throughout the discussion, I watched as audience members with varying degrees of experience nodded, smirked, and furrowed their brows. With Google’s own webmaster guidelines indicating that site owners shouldn’t “participate in link schemes designed to increase [a] site’s ranking or PageRank,” how do you know if you’re participating in a so-called “link scheme” or simply building links to better your SEO efforts?

This is the potential problem.

With only limited experience and understanding of SEO, the arguments in support of paid links purely for SEO may seem compelling to the relatively uninformed. The temptation is to react to such significant results, without considering counter arguments or further exploring background and relevance to one’s own position.

And so the question arises: Is your engagement with an SEO firm the same as “participating in a link scheme” designed to increase rankings in search results? Or are your link building efforts working in tandem with your overall marketing strategy, building purposeful relationships with a keyword strategy in mind?

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