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Baby names meanings for your baby boy and baby girl

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The baby names and their meanings vary widely as there are different meanings in different languages for a single name. Some of the most common names are however named for the popular meaning in English language. The name Ashley is common for both the genders boy and girl. It has various meanings like “ash tree grove” and “ash wood”. The name gained its popularity after the release of the novel “Gone with the wind”. Hence over the next few years many women were named Ashley due to its popularity from the novel.

There are various different kinds of sources to look for the best bay names and their meanings. The internet is considered to be the best source as you can find lots of information about baby names in different languages. You can look for baby names even in popular baby names books that are published by authors after keen research. There are also cool nicknames which are gaining popularity over the last few years. The nick names are named after popular public personalities and imaginary fictional characters from popular films and novels. You need to choose the best baby name that can be easily pronounced.

Another popular baby name that is very popular among everybody is “Michael”. It refers to one of the most popular archangel Michael. The meaning of the word Michael is “gift from god” or “who is like god”. Some parents name the baby Michael after the world famous artist “Michelangelo”. Rebecca is a popular girl baby name that is sought after by most parents for their baby girl as it is captivating and lovely. The word Rebecca means “knotted cord” or “captivating”. The name is generally chosen from the bible which is a variant of the work “Rebekah”.

Few baby names and the meanings are complex when the root word is use. For example, the name ethan comes from the Hebrew language meaning constant or strong. A popular person with the name was “Ethan allen” who was a soldier during the war of independence. The baby names however change in pronunciation and meanings in different languages.Hence it is very essential to do some research about the name and its meaning for few weeks before you name your baby.There are wide variety of names with different meanings in different languages. Choose a name that is easy to use, write and pronounce.



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