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Back Pain Exercises

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Back Pain Exercises

We never see the back and that’s not a minor detail because, as you know bodywork specialists, the back is, for many people, a part of your body almost unknown.

Even the common people know well where it begins and ends his back, which makes it difficult back pain exercises. The dictionary is the back of the trunk, which runs from the neck to the pelvis. It starts right up in the neck, and not, as we believe, in a gray area at the height of the shoulders. It ends at the coccyx, the “tailbone” and not at the waist. These details do not matter here to strengthen intellectual knowledge, but because we can not manage what you know and also because the back is a structure that works in conjunction with muscles intimately interrelated, as a fabric or a fabric. So, for example, stress or pain we feel in the upper back to the height of the blades may be due to poor positioning or hidden tensions in the neck.

Recognition exercise and relaxation

Lie face up on the floor on a blanket. Support the soles of the feet, separated, at the height of your hips. Rest your arms at your sides, palms up. Stretch the neck being slightly chin to your chest and try to properly support your lower back on the floor. Close your eyes and relax your body as much as possible. Breathe through your nose and every time you exhale, let your body become more and heavier. Go mentally traveling back from the neck to the tailbone, perceive in what touches the floor areas and which are not. Stay two to ten minutes in this position. Then sit a moment before standing up. Perform this exercise before bed will help you sleep.

Back pain exercises – Lumbar Zone

Get in a position similar to last year, but your calves resting on the seat of a chair, ideally marking a right angle between your calves and thighs. You can switch between this and the previous year or make one after the other. At the end does not stand up quickly, because time is needed to balance blood pressure.

Seven additional prevention tips for back pain exercises

1) Choose chairs that allow you to support your entire back, so that the column is well stretched.

2) Do not stay more than forty minutes sitting. Stand up and walk even a few steps.

3) Your mattress should be out or distorted. Are recommended or semi-hard mattresses.

4) Do not use pillows too high. Ideally, the cervical spine while sleeping is neither too high nor fall.

5) If you have to stand long legs move, move the weight from one leg to the other or, at times, slightly bend your knees.
This decreases back pain.

6) If you work in computer the monitor is such that it is level with your eyes. If you must look up or too down permanently, will contract the muscles of the neck.

7) When you type on the keyboard try to relax your shoulders.

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