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Ball mill liner is to protect the whole body and affect the grinding efficiency

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Ball mill liner is to protect the whole body and affect the efficiency of grinding, ball mill cylinder. Cover, hollow, etc. are deposited with liner journal. Cylinder liner in addition to protecting the cylinder, but also on the movement of the grinding media and grinding efficiency impact, when compared with smooth lining, the enhancement of the role of the grinding media is weak, the impact effect is smaller than the more abrasive strong. Also called wear-resistant lining. As the media and the impact of pulp, grinding and erosion-corrosion wear and tear caused by the liner, in addition to lining material and shape, the wear particle size with the ore, ore grindability, ball size, cylinder diameter, ball mill speed and corrosive slurry and other factors. 
Lining material with high manganese steel, high chrome (white) cast iron, rubber and so on. Manganese ductile iron (not less than the life of high manganese steel, but the cost is much lower. Liner thickness of 50 ~ 130mm, and the tube between 10 ~ 14mm shell gap, plywood, asbestos mats, plastic sheets or rubber shop in which the ball used to buffer the impact of the cylinder, bolted to the cylinder liner, the nut underneath the metal ring and rubber gasket to prevent the pulp exposed. liner shape varied, then from the surface shape can be divided into two types of smooth and not smooth. Smooth lining, but not grinding media and then upgrade to a higher degree drop, and on the ball and strong stirring of ore, making it suitable for coarse grinding. Smooth lining as ball and large relative sliding between the liner, resulting in more abrasive but for fine grinding


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