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Ballet Pumps: Get Your Priorities Right At Each Stage

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TV shows, Hollywood films and commercials have inspired lots of young talents to devote themselves full-time to dancing. Ballet has become a magnet for those who aim high and wish to star in Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake one day. These days ballet pumps, tights, leotards and skirts sell out increasingly fast before the academic year begins, so buying the uniform in advance can save you from the hustle and bustle of department stores that last-minute shopping is largely associated with. Here is what you need to know to make a good investment in ballet clothing.

Full sole shoes for beginners

Support is what inexperienced students need most at early stages. Full sole shoes are ideal for learning the fundamentals of ballet; they provide maximum support for the arch and allow you to move comfortably during hours of practice. If you’re concerned about skin irritation in the areas where the shoe rubs against the skin, go for extra soft, high performance ballet pumps. They will gently hug your foot and won’t slide up and down when you twist and jump; grace and poise are of major importance for the dancer. As re-doing shoelaces during practice can draw attention of the beginner from foot and legwork, shoes with fitted elastics are a better alternative at this stage. Staying as focused as possible is the driving force behind future success, as they say.

Slip sole shoes for advanced students

Flexibility is all about progressing to an advanced level. The more complex your moves become, the more flexible your arch should be for you to perform those attention-grabbing plies. Split sole ballet pumps provide maximum flexibility and are highly recommended by established teachers. As the moves get more complex and faster, the risk of slipping on the dance floor increases, so when shopping for shoes, pay special attention to the outsole. Ideally, it should be made of materials that ensure optimal traction, such as suede. At this stage you’ll be practising longer and more intense, so moisture can become a big issue. Look for cutting edge insoles with moisture and odour control; a moisture-absorbing layer will wick away sweat and an anti-microbial lining will effectively fight bad smell. Wearing perfectly fitting ballet pumps is as vital for advanced dancers as for beginners, as even a minor gap between the shoe and the foot can affect your grace and performance. There is a great variety of shoes to pick from, so if you don’t feel like doing laces, opt for a pair of foot-hugging slippers with elastics.

A growing number of new converts have rushed to ballet schools after Natalie Portman mastered complicated foot and legwork for a box-office smash hit Black Swan. They say perseverance, discipline and inspiration are needed to become an outstanding performer with a signature style. Yet choosing high performance ballet pumps and clothes is as important as finding an established teacher. Dancewear should satisfy the needs of millennial generation students for functionality, comfort and style and with a few taps of the keyboard you will easily reach a wide selection of high quality clothing.


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  • Posted On November 28, 2011
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