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Basmati Rice: Get The Best Staple Food For Good Health

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Rice is a major constituent in our daily diet. It is rich in carbohydrates that are common source of energy for the body. There are several varieties of rice, amongst which Basmati Rice is the most cherished. Basmati Rice is Long Grain Rice famous for its unique fragrance. Basmati Rice grains are characterized by a length longer than other types of rice. Cooked Basmati Rice can easily be identified with its tempting smell. Used widely for making pulao, Biryani and kheer, Basmati Rice is perfect to be served on all the occasions.

Variety Of Basmati Rice
Basmati Rice is highly nutritious and is available in two distinct varieties, White Basmati Rice and Brown Basmati Rice. Both the varieties are largely in demand because of their delicious taste. Some information about both the varieties is mentioned below.
*    White Basmati Rice- White Basmati Rice is known famously as milled rice. White Basmati Rice has grains without husk, bran and germ. Due to this reason, the texture of White Basmati Rice differs from the original Basmati Rice. White Basmati Rice is highly nutritious and is widely consumed.
*    Brown Basmati Rice- Brown Basmati Rice, on the other hand, is rich with its husk, bran and germ and is known as hulled, unmilled or partly milled rice. Brown Basmati Rice is more nutritious as compared to White Basmati Rice. Brown Basmati Rice has a richer flavor when compared to that of White Basmati Rice.

Both the varieties of Basmati Rice differ from each other in the taste and nutritional content. Although both the varieties have almost similar carbohydrate and calorie content, but Brown Basmati Rice is considered more nutritious because of its husk.

Hybrid Basmati Rice
Besides the two common varieties of Basmati Rice, there are many hybrid varieties of Basmati Rice available in the market. Basmati 385, Basmati 370, Pusa Basmati Rice, Super Basmati Rice, etc. are few varieties of Basmati Rice that are categorized as Hybrid.

Basmati Rice, with its tempting aroma and mouth-watering flavor, occupies a very high position as a staple food. But for the real taste, you must get Basmati rice from trusted Basmati Rice Suppliers. You can resort to websites and portals to collect information regarding reliable traders of Basmati Rice.
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