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Be A Successful Freelance Writer

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Have you ever wondered what it is that makes everyone so successful in the freelance writing business? What makes one writer so perfect and another writer only moderately good? How can a freelance writer manage to have a busy freelancing writing business while the other freelancers are straggling behind?
Here are some key factors in being a successful freelance writer. Each of these tips have helped me and I am hoping they will help you in some way.
Create a name for yourself!
This is the best secret that any top freelance writer can utilize. This should be done right from the very beginning of your excursion to becoming successful. If you want to become a full time freelancer then follow this tip.
To create a name for yourself, you should begin by thinking up a name you want to use for yourself. For example, the name of the freelance writing business that I co-own is Freelance Workers of America. We chose this name because we do many freelance jobs for people from all over the country and Jeany and I are in two separate locations across the United States. When we publish our articles, we use our real names.
Now it is time to create a blog or if you are more technically inclined you can create a website. You can name this after your pen name, your business name or whatever catchy name you decide. You want the name of your website or blog to be something that is going to pop out at others to incline them to visit your site. Don’t rush into creating your blog or site. You want to create a quality blog or site that readers will enjoy. There are many writers who have created sites or blogs and don’t get much business or attention. This is because they rushed through the creation rather than taking their time. Clients will see that you have put the time and effort into your site and therefore, you are more interested in quality than quantity. This is a key factor for clients that are looking for freelancers.
Make yourself known!
It doesn’t matter how well you write and if you have created a name for yourself if you aren’t writing quality material and distributing it for others to see.
Making yourself known can be done in many different ways. You can begin by guest blogging on other popular blogs that are related to your own. You can also use social networking sites to promote yourself. These sites include Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Twitter and many more. Publish your articles at popular sites such as This shows that you know what you are doing and have the ability to write quality content. You can then direct potential clients to these sites where you have submitted articles so they can see what you are capable of.
Getting your name out there will help clients find you. This is just like promoting a business. Advertising is key.
Determine what your skills are worth!
Setting your prices is a very important issue when you are a freelance writer. So many freelance writers don’t charge enough. They think that if they are charging less then another freelance writer then they will get the job. This is not always true. The price doesn’t mean quality. Someone could have a price of $0.005 per word but not be a quality writer. Just the same, a freelancer could be charging $0.05 per word and still not be a quality writer. The key is to set a price that you are comfortable with and feel you are worth. Clients will be willing to pay the price if you can back the price up with testimonials from other clients and samples of your work.
There are many different methods to determining your prices as a freelance writer. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for your own health insurance, internet fees, computer maintenance, etc. Incorporate these things into your prices so that you are not paying anything out of pocket. If you are paying out of pocket for these expenses than you are not making any profit and you need to rethink your prices.

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