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Be Alluring Like Cleopatra with Fabulous Lash Extensions

  • Posted July 25, 2012
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Generally known as “windows to the soul,” the eyes are among the first things other people see on you. They are among your most distinctive features; as an example, eyes are blurred in photos employed as evidence in crime scenes to guard the individuals involved. A good way to make these traits stand out is via eyelash extensions.

Thick, long, and full eyelashes are regarded as lovely for many reasons. Lengthy eyelashes make your face look younger, wider, and more womanly; females often have more contrasted features compared to males, and lengthy eyelashes make these traits more visible. As thick eyelashes make a distinction with the white eyeballs, these make your eyes look brighter and, in effect, healthier. Lengthy eyelashes likewise make your eyes look more expressive, especially as it’s much easier to detect batting eyelashes when they’re longer.

There are a number of solutions to lengthen the eyelashes. The simplest is with the usage of cosmetic products such as eyeliner and mascara. With eyeliner a bit darker than your normal eyelash shade, you can create the impression that your eyelashes are fuller than they really are; darker eyelash roots cause the rest of the lashes to appear darker too.

You can also put on artificial eyelashes offered at your local beauty store. These are fitted to the eyes using eyelash glue, and then bonded to the natural eyelashes with mascara. It takes some expertise to do this correctly, though; you may even require professional help.

If you’re not convinced about prolonging your lashes all on your own, then you can have an expert apply eyelashes extensions for you. The price of the treatment will depend on the cosmetician’s skill and the type and number of lashes to be prolonged, to name a few. The process takes roughly a couple of hours; the extensions are good for several months before they require touch-ups. If you’re experiencing dropping lashes, you can have them re-applied a few weeks following the previous usage.

lash extensions are likewise feasible through the use of OTC solutions. In the US, Latisse is the sole FDA-approved medication for this purpose, even though you may make use of petroleum jelly. Be careful with petroleum jelly, though; you may acquire an allergic reaction if you put on too much around your eyelids.

If you’ve gotten some skills in eyelash extensions but would want to develop them even more, you can opt for eyelash extension training. You will learn useful things about eyelash extensions, like important tips, client profiles, sanitary practices, and so on. You may learn more on eyelash extension here:


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