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Be aware of your child’s ear infections

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There are some serious dangers associated with the ear infections if left untreated. Ear infection occurs when a fluid accumulates inside of the ear, creating a perfect place for viruses and bacteria to grow, resulting in fever and ear pain. Even though according to the National Institutes of Health, not all ear infections lead to additional problems, yet sometimes they may cause complications beyond their common symptoms. Serious complications may occur during prolonged ear infections, or if they constantly recur.
If your child experiences an ear infection, you should take him to a doctor that may prescribe your child antibiotics. But sometimes, ear infections may get better without the use of antibiotics, it all depends on how old your child is and how severe the infection is. It is important to visit your doctor for the follow-up exams, during which he will be able to check for persistent infection, fluid behind the eardrum or repeat infections.

What are the real dangers of ear infections?
Both children and adults may become victims of ear infection complications. The following is a list of possible complications that could be avoided if ear infections are treated in a timely and a proper manner (antibiotics, etc.).

Hearing Loss
Those people, who are suffering from prolonged or constantly recurring ear infections, may develop a hearing loss. According to the National Institutes of Health, those children who suffered a long-term hearing loss are at serious risk of speech and language development delays. In order to learn the language and be able to fully develop their speech skills, children need to hear properly.

More Infections
If left untreated, ear infections may move to other parts of the body, they may even move to some parts of the head. The most common additional infection is a type of a sinus infection, called mastoiditis, which affects a part of the skull bone located just behind your ears.

Ruptured Eardrum
Sometimes, if antibiotics were not used, the fluid from an ear infection concentrates behind the eardrum. As a result, the pressure may pop it open, resulting in a blood and pus flowing out of the ear. Usually, such unpleasant situation is a temporary one, since the eardrum is able to heal on its own within a relatively short period of time, after the pressure from a stuck fluid is released. 
Although ear infections are one of the most common types of child (and sometimes in adults too) illnesses, if left untreated, they may cause more serious problems and health conditions. So, be sure to consult with your doctor, make a good use of antibiotics and other proper methods to treat the infection effectively and in a timely manner.

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