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Beach Towels for Resorts, Hotels, and More

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When packing for a vacation, people often do not pack their towels simply because there isn’t enough room. For this reason, resorts and hotels offer towels to their guests who might be frequenting the pool or a nearby beach. While plain, unadorned towels are acceptable, it is advised to include the logo or name of your business. Not only will this ensure the return of your towel, but it also acts as a little free advertising while your guests are out and about.

Creating personalized towels may seem troublesome or unworthy of time, but this is simply not the case. Towels that have been customized for a business are beneficial in the long run –they can actually help you save money! When you choose personalized towels from a company such as Custom Towels, you will be able to buy towels in bulk with your choice of saying, logo, or name. Depending on your preference, the company will then have the saying, logo or name embroidered or silk screened directly onto the product. These towels can then be used for placement in guest rooms of a hotel, poolside, in a spa or on the golf course. They can also be used for promotional materials while at trade shows and conventions.

Have your logo or name embroidered or silk screened onto the towels. Embroidery takes a longer amount of time as each towel involves extraordinary detail and precision. However, with this method, it’s best when the design is simple, rather than complex or intricate. On the other hand, silk screened images or names on a towel are crisp since ink is pressed into the material. Silk screening is a faster and cheaper alternative to embroidery.

Once you have determined which method you’d prefer to mark your towels, you must choose the type of towel you will use. Custom Towels sells terry velour beach towels for the beach at bulk rates as low as $5.73 per towel. The more products you order, the cheaper the products become individually. A full case includes 36 towels and a half case includes 18. Choose colors that range from lime green to royal blue and more. No matter what the color scheme of your business, you will be able to find towels that will match perfectly. Custom Towels also offers tie dye towels and striped towels if you’re looking to add a little more flavor.

Custom Towels is the leading provider of customized towels, as well as linens, robes, and more. Visit their website at to learn more about packages and order products today. Their turnover rates are incredible – products are typically processed between 2 and 5 days.

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Anna Davis is a marketing expert who writes articles about bath wear, beach wear and promotional items. Here in this write-up she has briefly mentioned about the usefulness of beach towels and personalized towels.



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