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Beaded Curtains As Window Treatments

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Beaded curtains make windows vibrant and so are particularly good if you want a dramatic entrance to your room. They’ve been used in Asia for several decades and their reputation in the West increased drastically in the 1960s. A chain of beads are hung from the rod which was used to obtain the best bohemian look which was in vogue then. Various types of beads were utilized to make the door/window colorful and attractive.

Besides being used for doorways and windows, beaded curtains are also used to divide a room. They are generally utilized in small stores or restaurants to cordon off the storage space or kitchen. You can make use of beaded curtains to divide your room. They are used to cover open closets, sleeping quarters and storage areas.

Beaded curtains are well-liked these days with the spread of interest in Feng Shui, based on which moving though the beaded curtain could have soothing effects. It is also believed that positive energy is pass on when air passes from the beads.

Various kinds of beads are used in making beaded curtains. These comprise glass, wood, plastic, bamboo, acrylic and often even crystals and jewels. Beads are normally affordable and if you do not want to purchase the curtain readymade, it is a simple project you possibly can undertake at your house. You may use as numerous materials as you like in varied sizes and shapes.

Beaded curtains are as well well-known as they are very low in maintenance. If they get dirty, rinse them in soapy water. In case your beaded curtain breaks, you don’t need to worry as you can either repair them or perhaps since these are low-cost, change them with new kinds.

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