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Beasley signed with sun exposure08second new contract for 3years 18000000

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The United States of America local time Wednesday ( Beijing time Thursday,2008) the second Beasley visited Feinikesi, and according to one source said, local time in the United States last Sunday, <a href=””>wholesale nhl jerseys</a> the sun had to fly to Losangeles to interview Beasley, reflecting on the front of the team Titans as.

Beasley has been in the summer to become a completely free player, local time Wednesday when he visited Feinikesi, but earlier in the week, the team has first flew to Losangeles and he conducted.

According to previously familiar with the source said, the sun will Beasley leave Feinikesi until their out a contract. But shortly afterwards, according to the ESPN columnist Mark stern to disclose the latest news, Beasley has agreed to the sun and to sign a contract, this contract for a period of three years, the total value of $18000000.

Stein on Twitter as wrote: ” according to the familiar one source said, Michael – Beasley and Feinikesi had agreed to the sun signed a three year $18000000contract.”

As a 2008′s second, Beasley has been in the League for 4seasons for the heat, and the forest wolf effect. At the beginning of the wolves of the 2010-11 season, Beasley played in 73regular-season games, were present at 32.3 minutes of playing time to contribute 19.2 points,5.6 rebounds,2.2 assists, showing great potential.

However the 2011-12 season Beasley represented wolves played 47regular season games, were present at 23.1minutes over11.5 points,4.4 rebounds,1 assists. The three statistics are decreased compared to 2010-11season.

Many generals and ample soldiers in the forest wolf team, the number three or four position on the accumulation of a large number of young people, this makes Beasley to be ample space for development. <a href=””>Cheap Jerseys</a> This may become this summer after he become a free agent, decided to the sun causes.


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