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Beat your opponents and play your most exciting moves with GamingModz

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<p>When it comes to gaming controllers and consoles, Gamingmodz is the name to be trusted. Rely on the game experts where game is our rule. Tired of losing the match? Why not choose your own controllers to fully enjoy your Xbox 360 or PS3 games? If you want to be unique, you&rsquo;ve come to the right place!</p>

<p>We offer controllers which are featured with innovative and modish designs. Aside from that, our customers can fully customize the design and built of controllers they want. We are known in the controller customization market and we have set a trend in the industry for many years now.</p>

<p>We offer range of controllers which are compatible with zapping games including Call of Duty Black ops, Modern warfare, Gears of war 3, battlefield 3, Left for DEAD 2 and the list goes on. Our <a href=””>mod controllers</a> are all safe to use and 100% undetectable.</p>

<p>If you want a ready- made gaming console which we can deliver right away, we have sets of <a href=””>Custom Xbox 360 Controllers</a> and PS 3 controllers where you can freely choose from. All our collections are made from 100% original parts from Microsoft &reg; and Sony&reg; and are only opened from the time you made your order. We guarantee brand new parts of all our controllers and all these are made solely by Gamingmodz experts so we assure superior quality in every controller we make.</p>

<p>If you want to be exceptional in your own game, we offer full customization of controllers whether it is for your PS 3 or xbox 360.&nbsp; We offer the most affordable customization of xbox 360 rapid fire controller which starts at $97.95. We don&rsquo;t just make your gaming console but upgrade it the way you want. &nbsp;Just allow us 72 hours to assemble your orders. If you opted for quick delivery, our same day assembly service takes around 24 hours at an affordable rate.</p>

<p>We can make your xbox controllers superb and stylish to enhance your gaming power. We offer inimitable colors of controller shells. We can provide customized design for buttons, thumbsticks, D-pad, triggers and many more. We also offer elite button packages and additional button options. Enjoy our exclusive rapid fire add-ons which can be on your own controllers. Select from our Multi-class action, 10 mode or Titan Pro.</p>

<p>For your PS 3, we offer customization of rapid fire controllers starting at $84.95. If you opted for controllers without any pre-installed mods or you want a controller with add-on designs, you can also fully make it here at Gamingmodz. You can chose whether you want a player 1-4 LEDs or not, buttons, D-pad and thumbsticks. You can also enjoy additional add-on options that include rubber thumbsticks cover, without rapid fire mod installation, controller pouch and much more. Choose from our wide array of controllers with mods such as jitter, fast reload, quick scope, sniper breath and many more.</p>

<p>So come on and don&rsquo;t waste your games without winning the battle! Call us anytime if you want some advice on what to purchase at 1-877-382-MODZ. We deliver controllers worldwide.</p>


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  • Posted On May 31, 2012
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