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Because There Should Never Be a “Normal” Accident

Every so often, a report of an auto accident will run in the paper or be carried on the evening news in which the report will use terms like “bizarre accident” or “freak wreck” as though there are some accidents that would be considered normal. But the fact is that accidents are, by their very nature, out of the ordinary. When a car wreck happens in Hickory, it is the very fact that something bizarre, abnormal, or out of the ordinary has occurred that enables a personal injury lawyer to demonstrate that the responsible party is to blame. Because they have behaved or responded in a way that reasonable people would consider unreasonable, or a defective part or piece of machinery is to blame, an auto accident lawyer in Hickory will show how it did not function normally.

The Hickory area was abuzz recently because of an accident in which more than 45,000 pounds of dry corn being hauled by a semi ended up strewn all over the highway and an auto involved in the accident was filled with two to three inches of corn that flooded into its windows. Words such as bizarre and freak and abnormal were used to describe the accident, but aside from the involvement of corn, the accident itself was just that: a truck accident involving an auto on the highway outside of Hickory in which one of the drivers was taken by emergency helicopter to the hospital because of injuries.

For an injury victim of an auto accident, there is never anything normal about it. Every bit of normalcy was disrupted at the moment the accident occurred. For some who are seriously injured in an auto accident, what they previously knew as normal is forever altered as they learn to live a new normal that includes the lifelong ramifications of an auto accident injury. In such cases, often the only way for such victims to gain the compensation that they need to deal with the abnormal turn that the accident has caused is with the help of an auto accident lawyer.

If you have been injured in an auto accident, a lawyer in the Hickory area may be able to assist you in your efforts to gain compensation, as well. When you consult with an auto accident lawyer in Hickory, you will learn if you have a potential personal injury case and what steps will be necessary. You will gain a powerful advocate in your lawyer who can negotiate with insurance adjustors and medical care providers on your behalf. And, you will have the benefit of someone who understands that there is no normal auto accident and that everything you are enduring has a surreal edge to it.

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