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Bedwetting alarm: pros and cons

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Clearly, you may just ask your child to be dry, but this unlikely works in practice. If your child is about 5 and he or she is still suffering from bedwetting, you should take actions immediately! Bedwetting alarm can prevent your child from nocturnal enuresis and keep him or her dry all night long. While using this device you should remember that well-motivated children usually get better results. You should praise your child for progress and give him or her responsibility for the system. Best of all bedwetting alarm is suitable for 5 – 7 year old children. At this age children have enough consciousness to respond to bedwetting alarm, wake up and go to the toilet.

Like any way of treatment, bedwetting alarm for children has its pros and corns. As pros, people usually name excellent operation features, reasonable price and good psychological influence to a child. After 2-3 weeks children usually overcome the stage of wetting the bed while sleeping and start to go to the toilet in time by own intention. In a couple of weeks the alarm can train your child to wake up before the device works out. It probably takes some time to get rid of this problem, but with some patience and practice your child may really have progress!

Bedwetting alarm has also a few cons. On the one hand, if you use the alarm for the first time, your child may be frightened by the sound of the device when it goes off. On the other hand, if your child sleeps too deeply, he or she cannot hear the alarm. So, it would be better if you sleep at the same room as your child while treatment in order to help him or her to maintain the device. You should get up together with your child if he or she has any problems with the alarm.

If there is no success, you should not punish your child. If you have no good results after 4 weeks, the device is unlikely to work for the child. Either way, the best source of information and help is your doctor. You have to discuss your further actions with your doctor or adviser. It is popularly believed, that this problem caused by either psychological or medical issues. In fact, it is highly recommended to consult both a medical doctor and a psychologist. Actually, psychologists have a great experience of helping with bedwetting difficulties, so they can easily indicate if there is any psychological issue. Ask your doctor if you have any questions and make your child not suffer anymore with the help of bedwetting alarm for children!

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