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Being Bold and Original With Your Decorating is Fun

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Liven up the room using two, three or four colours. Here are some top tips to render a pleasant and originally decorated room. You do not have to stop with just your walls or your carpets, you can include your Designer Sofas and Designer Cushions in your originality plans.

Compartmentalize the room so that is it not just a vast empty space. The library area is not really separated from the living room but maybe it should be. Paint the corresponding section of wall in green, red or bright yellow. A single wall that stands out a full of colour and a book shelf(s) will separate your room out into two pieces.

Have fun with your decorating. Let your imagination soar. Draw several lines and use store bought graphics. Draw a circle in which you clip on a rectangular grid, draw a square of colour in the middle of the door and the room, take a giant white rectangle in a random piece of cherry red wall. Exceed the frame and paint your hinges too. Bring out the rooms details by following the lines of detail in your room. Follow them in bright orange even though your room is off-white to create shabby chic atmosphere. Draw the edges of doorways in royal blue. Create a circle of coloured light on the ceiling where the light hangs.

Paint the ceiling something other than white. Take a colour that is soft and cold so as to not to shrink the room. Paint the ceiling in pale pink, yellow or blue and the rest of the walls in a colour that is more candid.

Consider the horizontal aspects of your rooms. Paint the top of the wall (three quarters) in taupe and the rest in bright pink. Your sofa may serve as a control line. The contemporary fireplace is gray, so why not draw a yellow band in the middle. You will soon see how this changes everything.

Why not dare to put a little fantasy into your home? Why not mix prints/pictures and colours in your home? Why not try royal blue Designer Cushions that match your curtains? Try creating a room that is sober and refined, but has a big clash point that your friends and neighbours will not fail to miss. For example, you could have a large black dragon resting across your mantle piece above the fire. You could have a sober room with a big plant that takes up a whole corner of a room. You can vary the time periods in your room. For example you could have fifties clocks and ornaments on the window sill and then forties items around the TV. Why not be bold and try things that nobody else would dare? Like Iron Age metal work on your walls and propped against your fire place or tables.

Do not be afraid of clashing prints. Decorate a wall with floral wallpaper, another with a wallpaper year from a style seen in the 1970’s and another with geometric patterns. There is nothing wrong with playing around and having fun with your decorating. If your friends or family don’t like it, then it is their loss. They can go home and sit on their Designer Sofas, in their boring rooms, on their own.


Albert Jakeman is an interior designer who recommends that people have a little fun and try something different when decorating a room and picking their wall colours, carpet colours, Designer Sofas and Designer Cushions.


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