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Benefits Of Energy Efficient Lighting

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People have become positively captivated by the green phenomenon. The term “going green” can be applied to just about anything nowadays. In our attempt to reduce our impact on the planet that provides us with life, we are changing the way we eat, drive, shop, and even clean. We do all of these things and more in order to cut down on how much we pollute. In doing so, we are trying to use eco friendly cleaning products, use less energy, and reduce the amount of waste we produce. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with the green revolution. Many average consumers, as well as some large companies, fail to recognize the benefits of going green. They instead see it as a costly change that they are not willing to afford. Making the conscientious shift towards green products can be costly at times, however there is one simple change that is so simple to do, and can even safe money while still saving unthinkable amounts of energy: energy efficient lighting.

Lighting often goes overlooked in talks about going green. People tend to generalize going green with the reduction of pollution with eco friendly cleaning products, but energy conservation is just as important. In fact, conserving energy will actually help reduce pollution. How? Consider this; we get our electrical energy from resources such as fossil fuels and coal, which create dangerous air pollution when burned. By reducing our electrical needs with energy efficient lighting, we require less energy. This, in turn, means that the plants will burn significantly less fossil fuels in accordance to the decreasing demand led by less energy consumption.

Spearheading the shift towards eco friendly cleaning products and energy efficient lighting are janitorial supply companies. They make a huge impact because they can be responsible for supplying massive city buildings with green products, or not so green products. Brighton USA, a Staten Island company, is a prime example of one of the many janitorial supply companies responsible for reducing pollution by supplying eco friendly cleaning products. They provide entire energy efficient systems to buildings that save companies money and energy. Making the switch to a new lighting system to go green is something that any consumer can do. You have probably noticed that energy saving light bulbs are more expensive than traditional ones. Don’t let that deter you from making the change that is guaranteed to save you money. Lighting accounts for 30% of an average electrical bill. With energy efficient bulbs, you can notice savings on your first bill, not to mention the energy efficient bulbs will outlast traditional ones by a long shot. Going green and reducing our energy consumption will make the world a better place. Companies like Brighton are doing their part to turn an energy wasting New York, into an energy efficient lighting New York.

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  • Posted On August 11, 2012
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