As a business owner and manager in Wales, you must know that the dynamics of marketing and reaching out to the customers is changing rapidly. Social media provides a steady platform for the businesses and brands to interact with their customers and also to find new customers.

You need to come up to speed if you think you can gain loyal customers by simply putting into action a strong marketing initiative. The present digital era is of reaching out to the customer on a personal level to make him see and appreciate your brand. Your business needs to rely on technology to join forces with customer experience to reach out to the customer.

You have to understand that modern day customers are complicated. The complication does not come from the fact that they are technologically empowered, but they become complicated because they’re human. Present day lifestyle, challenges and social evolutions have changed the consumer you served in the decades gone by. The present customers have adopted newer ways to interact socially- via social networks.

In fact people use Facebook and Twitter and other networks not only to meet new people or connect with others. People are on social networks to or share stuff, ask questions or give feedback – and personalize their experiences while doing that. A few minutes on a social network, and you will realize how deeply engaged people are in sharing their experiences with products and services across the internet. This means that you have to get your brand and business on to the same platform as used by your customers and interact with them. Tell them about a new product or ask them about their recent experience with one- all on the new digital networking platforms. While approaching the customer always remember to show your human side because the customer is looking for a collective customer experience enriched by a brand/business which really ‘cares.’

The social platforms allow you to get to know the customer and interact with them to generate feedback. Knowing if the consumer liked a product or service and what was his feedback is of the utmost importance for the business owners. On the social networks, you can invite feedbacks straight away and by asking the consumers and shaking them up a bit you will be able to successfully turn them from passive reactors to advocates. Social media is a great tool for creating not just brand awareness, but brand advocates too. Such is the dynamics of a social platform that a customer happy with your service will spread the word.

On a social network, you also get to prove your excellent ‘service assistance’. You get to hear complaints immediately and you can rectify them quickly too. For instance, if a customer contacts you on the social website about some queries over using a product- his query is seen by everyone on the platform. Your prompt answer to the call and expert guidance is also observed by all. This means your quick assistance is noted by others while appreciated by the customer concerned and you can rest assured that he will share this experience with friends both online and offline. 

Social media is also evolving. The platform is growing, spreading and changing to offer many exciting, new opportunities for businesses to interact with their customers. That is why you have to take your business in Wales to the next level by defining your social media strategy and integrate it into the overall customer service experience and this requires you to sign up for <a href=””>training in social media Wales</a> has a number of web marketing companies and consultancies and you must find the most reliable one of them to teach you about the nitty-gritty’s of social media.

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