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Best accommodation in beautiful Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful country with lots of tourist destinations for you and your loved ones. If beaches and seas are you kind of thing, you will definitely have to visit the islands of Koh Samui, Phuket and Krabi. And if you are more of the city life type of person, you would want to check out Bangkok and Hatyai, two of the top cities in the country. While planning for your vacation to Thailand, one of the things you want to do in advance is to get the right accommodation. Here are some tips on how to book hotels in Bangkok, Thailand and also at other tourist destinations around the country.
Always do research before booking. With so many hotels available, find one that has affordable prices and provides freebies. We know that many hotels in Koh Samui and hotels in Phuket offer free packages which include water activities and island hopping. If water activities and island hopping are not your kind of entertainment, there will definitely be other hotels in Koh Samui and Phuket that will offer other benefits, like free accommodation vouchers and free buffet dinners. With proper surveying on the Internet, you will be able to find a package that is suitable for you and your family. Not to mention, it will save you money and save you the hassle of planning extensively regarding your trip activities.
Hotels in Bangkok, Thailand are also plentiful. Bangkok receives a lot of visitors all throughout the year, therefore there is a need for a large amount of resorts and hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. Once again, each resort and hotel has its own offerings and prices. Prices range from budget hotels right up to five stars exclusive resorts for the very rich people. Do not worry, as you will definitely be able to find a hotel that is right for you and your family. Bangkok is a big place, so you would generally want to find a hotel that is close to tourist attractions and has public transportation available.
If you are planning to visit Thailand during the high season, be sure to book well in advance. Like mentioned earlier, do your research online and find suitable places to stay. You can also get the advice of your local tour agencies to help you in selecting the best accommodation for you and your family. Doing this will prevent you from getting cut-throat prices when booking hotels and resorts on the spot.
One final tip, whether you are searching for hotels in Pattaya , hotels in Phuket or in any other area in Thailand, do wait for special offers or discounts before making the booking. There are always people who hurriedly book, just to find out the next day that the hotel is offering a discount. Look up the hotel’s phone number and give them a call to request for any special promotions or free gifts. Try your best to get a hotel that saves you money and gives you the most benefits. We wish you all the best in hotel hunting!

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  • Posted On July 29, 2012
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