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Best quality industrial Jute Twine and Jute Yarn

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Jute is the oldest fiber of Eastern India. It was primarily cultivated in the state of Bengal in the 19th century. From the ancient days, men knew the extensive use of different fibers. At first, the people of the world used the natural fibers. It was then, when the use of Jute, a natural fiber came into existence. It was produced in enormous quantity in the state of Bengal and Bangladesh.

There are wide uses of Jute. For this reason, it became a big source of income for millions from the British Era in India. Several Jute mills were set up in Bengal and some other neighboring states. However, the production of Jute suffered a lot at the end of the 19th century but gained momentum from 2003 onwards. Thanks to some of the brilliant designing minds, who gave their consent and their ideas changed the outlook of the Jute industry.

Coastal packagers have been one of pioneers of Jute bags and have come a long way to be among the best. The company produces different kinds of Jute products. The wide range of products includes:

1)      Jute Bags

2)      Jute Twine and Yarn

3)      Double Warp Bags

4)      Jute Webbing

5)      Twill sacking Bags

6)      Jute Hessian cloth

These days Jute products are given charming colors with attractive designs that has attracted the attention of many people. The Jute bag is one of the best products that have gained a lot of popularity in the market. At Coastal Packagers, one of the finest varieties of Jute is processed. It is processed in a way to give the best quality materials to the customers.

Jute Twine  is a naturally made Jute packaging material. This is fully biodegradable and for this reason is eco-friendly. Today where pollution has become a major concern, using eco-friendly products have become necessary. Coastal Packagers being one of the premier Jute producing companies, it has so far developed unique Jute products. Jute Twine is used as packaging materials for all because of the good quality and softness. This twisted natural fiber is used in many applications of daily life. Craft, packaging, gardening and others are where the Jute Twine is used.

All advanced equipments are used to manufacture the Jute Twine in the company. Jute Yarns are available in single or multiple twists. This has extensive application in the carpet industries and cable industries. The yarns are offered in different bleached dyed and blended forms.

Coastal Packagers have successfully produced a number of Jute products till this date. The features related to the Jute Twine and Yarn are as follow:

1)      Count: 4lbs. to 28lbs.

2)      Ply: 1 to 5 Ply

3)      Quality: CB, CRT, CRM, Hessian, Sacking – Jute Yarn and Twine

4)      Make up – Wooden, plastic and paper tubes (Parallel/Conical Spools)


Coreless tubes

Coreless balls


5)      Pallets, Truss, Hanks/Reels Packed in Bales

6)      Joints: Spliced, Latex, Regular Knots & staggered Knots

7)      Scanning: Computerized scanning and measured length

8)      Winding: Both Precision and Mack roll

9)      Color: Dyed and Bleached available

The production of best quality of Jute products have resulted into the success of the company. For years now, it has manufactured quality materials that are applicable in different activities.


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