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Best Windows Reseller Hosting Service Provider in India

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As for developing a website, equally important is the hosting of the website. Web hosting today is one of the largest online businesses in the world. Reseller hosting India, as the term suggests, is a best web hosting service in which an account holder uses its allotted hard drive space and bandwidth for hosting websites for third parties. Reseller hosting is advantageous in the sense that as most of the web designs today are being designed and developed by Microsoft web development tools and software’, so one who provides hosting solutions can also provide web designing and development solutions. In reseller hosting India, the host’s services are purchased by the reseller wholesale, and then sold to customers for a profit. Another way reseller hosting happens is when the reseller can give to its customers shared hosting services. In this case, reseller hosting Odisha can be done without renting a server from the web hosting company with whom the reseller has an account; rather the reseller can sell a certain amount of disk space and bandwidth.

In most cases, reseller hosting entities, like web design firms, web developers or systems integrators have their own service plans and pricing structures for reseller hosting. The technical expertise required for web hosting is not required in reseller hosting Bhubaneswar. Many times, in reseller hosting, maintenance of network infrastructure and hardware is the responsibility of the data center operator and configuration, security and updating of the server is the dedicated owner’s responsibility. The server provider handles all the hardware, software and connectivity problems and the reseller is only responsible for interfacing with its customer base. For a web hosting professional, even tough reseller hosting may be an easy and inexpensive way to start a company, but to make profits in reseller hosting requires a lot of advertising for getting customers. The advertising budgets may be quite high when competing with bigger competitors.

Even tough the Linux hosting is a cheaper, viable and more popular hosting solution, more and more resellers are switching over to Windows hosting because of its other advantages like hosting of a variety of applications alongside each other and the support it provides for open source technologies. Thus, an ASP scripted application and a MS SQL back end database; and a PHP scripted application and a MySQL database can be hosted side by side as per the requirements of different customers.

Also, resellers, once they adopt the Windows reseller hosting option, have the chance to add the latest technological innovations to their services. Services like Windows Mobile, ActiveSync and Sharepoint greatly increases a reseller’s market. But the important advantage in Windows reseller hosting is that, you can target the Linux and Windows customers simultaneously.

If we zero in on the reseller hosting India’s, reseller hosting Odisha’s and reseller hosting Bhubaneswar’s enterprises, not many names that have complete expertise come to the mind. Only a few have set bench marks in reseller hosting, and many many more have still to climb the ladder. Modulesoft Solutions is one company which is at the forefront in website hosting along with software development and other IT related services. Headquartered in Bhubaneswar, it has built a reputation of serving its customers to their utmost satisfaction, keeping intact its motto ‘Customer First’.


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