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Biology Help on Your Finger Tips

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Need help with your biology class? Your biology help is on its way.

Would you like to mater biology in just 24 hours?

The old-school style of learning is to go to the lectures and read the textbook, slooowly. If you are tire of the dry lectures and static textbook, need biology help, then the old-school teaching is not working for you.

The new way of learning is via rich-media. Biology is a visual science. You best learn it visually. With rich-media via visualization, animation and illustration, coupling expert narration, this can give you the Biology Help powerfully.

What exactly is rapid learning?

Each biology rapid learning course comes with 24 chapters, one hourly chapter at a time, total of 24 hours. You spend 30 minutes with the video, 20 minutes on the drill and 10 minutes on super review, total of one hour per chapter. It is an easy and rapid way to master biology online or on CD/DVD.

The rapid learning courses include high school biology, college biology, MCAT biology, microbiology, genetics, anatomy, physiology, evolution, ecology, immunology, molecule biology, cell biology and much more.

Instead of combing through the web and get confused, here is an easy 3-step to master biology powerfully via online rich-media biology learning:

Step 1:  Study all the core concepts and learn how to solve problem step by step via rich-media video tutorial.

Step 2:  Practice the problem solving with the game-based interactive drill

Step 3:  Super Review the summary cheatsheet.

Learn to visualize biology via rapid learning and ace your next biology exam!


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  • Posted On January 8, 2012
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