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Bird Netting & Wipes– Best Solution to Keep Birds Away

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Noise from the birds such as pigeons, crow or sparrows can also be a major problem for everyone. They damage buildings, ventilation systems, machinery and roofs in many ways, and every year people spend millions of dollars to fix damage by birds.


Nowadays, you can find several bird control tools in the market, which can prevent birds from nesting and roofing on buildings and other property in the best possible way. In this post, I would like to tell you about different bird control tools that can help you.


Bird Netting


Bird netting is one of the best and cost-effective ways to protect your property from birds. High quality UV protected bird netting not only protects the property while keeping the birds away but is long lasting.

Professionally manufactured and installed netting is placed for complete protection without harming the birds. Netting is an ideal, long-term, bird control solution that provides complete bird exclusion. The netting comes in different colors and is custom manufactured and installed to the individual specifications of each job. Our bird netting is virtually invisible and is very difficult to see from just a few meters away so does not interfere with the architectural features of the building.


The Advantages of Using Bird Netting


  • It will protect properties from pest birds.

  • It is very easy to install and maintain

  • It can be used to cover all kind of property,

  • It is virtually invisible

  • It is a long term solution and harmless


Anti Bird Spikes and Wires


Another option to stop birds roosting is through correct use of Anti Bird Spikes and Wires. Bird spikes and wires are often used in conjunction with netting to aid in the removal of birds from the entire area. These bird spikes and wires are completely harmless and very easy to install. You can place it onto windows, balconies, pipes or ledges to stop all birds; pigeons, seagulls, starlings and swallows and even small birds like sparrows, from landing and nesting where they are unwanted. You can also protect many types of external equipment such as security cameras, lights, air conditioners and alarm systems from birds. You can find a great variety of most effective and economical spikes available for bird control.


The Advantages of Using Bird Spikes and Wires


  • Easy way to prevent birds from landing on almost any surface

  • Easy Installation and maintenance

  • It can also be placed on external equipments

  • It is a long term solution

  • It is virtually invisible once installed


The bird netting, wipes and wires mentioned in this article can be viewed and purchased online at Australia’s leading net maker Advanced Nets and Ropes 3rd generation net makers manufacture a great variety of high-quality netting for all purposes including safety nets , sports nets and commercial netting all at very reasonable prices.


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