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Blogger to WordPress

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So you began your blog with Blogger and today have decided to use WordPress. In addition, you do not want to lose all of your posts that you do because maybe your site are ranked on the internet for their key terms or because of their search engine optimized permalinks.

I understand I have been there along with guess what, I got by way of it. How do I do it, effortless, I simply exported our files from blogger as well as imported them straight into my WordPress blog.

What is the catch?

You have to be likely to set your WordPress permalinks exactly the way that blogger has these or else you can lose your indexed webpages. For example, your posts would be the name of submit followed by the 30 days you posted concluding with the day a person posted. So make sure you set this inside the same way in WordPress then in your WordPress dashboard, just click import and bring within the file you released from blogger.

This is the way I used to be able to bring total my files coming from blogger. I did not lose one post. I just acquired tired of the file format that blogger has its sites and I wanted to have pages and articles and not just posts. Furthermore, I wanted to be in full control of my website and there were a lot of limitations to blogger that I just could not make it do what I wanted.

Now I operate all my sites by way of WordPress, yes even regular websites, I use WordPress to build them because it’s an easy task to setup, I do them all with one hosting and they rank high searching engines. So create your blog today using the free WordPress script.

First of all, I’m referring to WordPress, where you buy the internet hosting and install the program itself. That there is one of the problems with making use of WordPress because it is a little more specialized to set up and maintain than a Blogger site. However, there are millions of tutorials all over the internet that can show you how to deal with problems as they occur. And, after a while, you will have thorough understanding of using it.

With Blogger, it is much more plug-n-play. You fill out a little info about yourself, and you can start submitting. Almost that quickly too!

However, there’s 2 main important discussions with the blogspot to wordpress matter. The first is the website name. With WordPress, you can purchase your personal domain, and it can end up being whatever you want. With blogger, your domain will have the word “blogspot”.

The second issue is you don’t own your Blogger website. If for someone explanation you break several silly rule, and whatever arbitrary explanation Google comes up using, you could have your blog disassembled.

With WordPress, you web host it on a Third party site and you very own the domain. In essence, the site is your own house and cannot be taken lower.

I have also noticed that WordPress tends to rank far better on Google. I’ve got dozens of posts show on the front page regarding Google, when Blogger sites are nowhere to be seen.

Learn how to create a blog site today and have your internet site up and running by the end for the day.

For more information about blogger to wordpress please visit the website.


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