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Body Paint For Couples

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Body paint: artistic, sensual, erotic, naughty, edible, playful!

With a lover, body painting may add passion to a romance which has been worn down by life’s punishments. We all know the story. Romantic excitement dims when the pressures of paying bills, children, and occupations mount. The spark and enjoyment of a love affair fades to a distant memory as we view our pathetic selves in the mirror to see floppy bosoms, stomachs and posteriors.

Alas love birds do have common memories – memories of carefree times are still fun; all couples wish to go back to those times.
Body painting has become popular, in part, because couples whose passion has cooled, seek to reignite their love lives. Body painting is an visceral, imaginative method to reconnect one with each other, and jolt those memories of how passionate things once was.. . and how it can be again.

Lovers plan their body painting tryst collect the most significant rewards. If you are trying to reignite your romance with your significant other, try an escape such as this..

Book a romantic stay at an ocean side spa. Be certain that the room you book has a view of the ocean and solitude. Arrive at the resort independently. Before arriving, take time to primp and clean, just as you would have on your first date. Remove all unnecessary hair. Doing so permits body paint to be more evenly applied. Don’t think about how your body looks now. Just focus on being salacious. Sexy is more about attitude, confidence and presentation. Few of us actually have Playboy sexy looks.

Call the spa and ask them to put a bottle of your favorite champagne on ice. Take with you some method to play your favorite music. If you arrive at the resort first, go to the room and make sure the body painting space is ready. Make sure that there is a drop cloth laid across the floor. There is nothing that will destroy the mood more than splattering body paint on the spa carpet! Change into garments that reveals your curves. I recommend something see through, elegant, but intoxicating.

When you significant other arrives, the sexual angst will be heightened. Kiss lightly, but withstand the desire to immediately fall into a bodily pile. Let the sexual tension build. Slowly undress each other, and let the body painting begin!

Some couples prefer to take their time with the body paint. There is nothing wrong with this approach. Just appreciate each other. Set up mirrors so that you can see how the boy paint is being applied. Take your lover’s hand and use it as a paint brush to apply the paint in a more erotic way. There is little that is more intimate than taking your lover’s hand, than perhaps, using your lover’s hand to smooth body paint erogenously in those passion igniting places.

There really are not any rules for applying the body paint. If you have an artistic competence, taking time to paint a pattern on your lover’s body will build sexual tension and intimacy. If you do not have artistic ability, pretending to be a modern artist by spreading the body paint in vibrant streaks can be fun. Just remember to not judge your lover. Be silly! Be alive! Be fun!

When you are satisfied that the boy painting is finished, get it on! Forget about washing the paint off. Just go for it!

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  • Posted On January 31, 2012
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