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Born with a black mane? Wish to be a redhead??

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Here’s a peek into some hair-care tips…

Hair care is an important part of every woman’s beauty ritual.  But grooming your hair is not an easy job.  Right from hair-cleansing by using a shampoo, hair-softening using a conditioner, hair-straightening using a blow-dryer to coloring/streaking your hair with a suitable coloring agent, hair job is the most stressing of all.  Moreover, hair-care products need to be chosen with caution as those protein strands are sensitive to breakage and damage and losing them is the last thing a woman wants to experience.

Black, brown or blue, Choose your hue…

Nowadays it is trendy to try different hair colors.  Hair coloring is done by most people, whether they have grey hair or not.  Whether it’s having those golden streaks amidst black or brown hair or flaunting a shaft of red hairs bouncing at your back, hair coloring is very popular especially among young girls.  Women usually pick L’Oreal or Schwarzkopf brands for hair coloring products.

Covering those unsightly grey hairs peeping through an otherwise consistent hair is essential for young girls. For the aged women, hair coloring is necessary to not only hide the grey hair but also serves well to restore their declining self-esteem. This is accomplished well with the help of a hair color rather than a hair dye which makes it look so unnatural and is a complete mismatch with your skin color. Schwarzkopf’s kitty is rich in the variety of colors a hair coloring agent can offer. Right from deep black, cosmic blue, purple, blonde, mystic violet, gloss midnight red to poly color tint, with Schwarzkopf, you can get it all. 

Trim, curl or sleek, Take your pick!

But hairstyling doesn’t end with hair color. People possess different hair types like straight, curly, smooth, dry, frizzy, dense or flimsy hair. Accordingly, they need to style their hair so that they have the correct texture, shine, bounce and volume. Hair fixing, volumising, conditioning and moisturizing form an integral part of hair care regimen.

Spending exorbitant amounts of money in the beauty salons every month is not what everybody can afford to do.  An easy-to-use hair styling product which offers benefits of professional hair treatments is very much needed. Schwarzkopf is one such product which you can use on your own and have the feeling of undergoing a professional hair treatment. The Supersoft Fixing Mousse provides a 24-hour visible volume without stickiness. It adequately moisturizes your hair which otherwise dry up due to hairdryer heat. It’s a good option even for difficult hair types.

For those struggling with oily hair, Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost Shampoo is an ideal option as it removes excess of oil from the hair, leaving them lighter and bouncier. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Colour Freeze Spray Conditioner is a must have for those who regularly color their hair. This conditioner releases a fine mist upon spraying which nourishes the hair and helps preserve hair color, without making them feel sticky.

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a plain Jane or an absolute stunner; with the right hair care product, you can give any supermodel a run for her money. Bad hair days won’t bother you anymore!

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