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Boxomania Playhouses for Children- Creativity with Brain power

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<a href=”“>Play houses</a> puts a modern twist on a traditional cardboard box while still keeping it a basic toys allowing for imaginative play and creativity. It includes a themed set of reusable stickers that let your child create their own unique Cardboard boxes based on one of the fun themes including a firehouse, beauty salon, house, clubhouse, and more! The set is made from lightweight, yet sturdy corrugated plastic and is more than 12 sq ft of interior space for up to 3 children. It boost being easy to set up and can be put away for storing or transporting.


I received a Box-O-Mania playhouse and  <!– @page { margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } –<a href=””>Cardboard boxes</a> Theme of stickers. The boys couldn’t wait to set up their box house! My 4 year old climbs into EVERY box I get, no matter how big or small, he loves making forts out of them! So this product was right up his alley and he was really excited the whole time we were setting it up! I set it up myself with the “help” of two toddlers but had to fight with the pieces a bit to get them together myself. It would have been MUCH easier with another adult to help. It was kind of difficult all by myself as I had to try keeping one piece up while attaching the other with the thick Velcro pieces.


Once it was set up though the kids were in heaven! I let them do all the stickers themselves and even my 2 year old was able to do the stickers, though they didn’t always lay perfectly flat when he did them. After their Fire Station was decked out they ran and grabbed their chairs from their table and brought them into the house. They loved peeking out the windows and going in and out the door. This playhouse is VERY big, it’s dimensions are 55.75″ L x 36″ W x 57.5″ H. It took up a big portion of our family room while set up which gave them a lot of room to play. I loved that as soon as I got tired of it up I could easily take it down which was much quicker then set up and store it away for when we were ready to play again. The house was VERY durable and sturdy and they didn’t break it down like they always have with box houses we have made in the past.



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