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Breaking and Entering

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Wedding Trends in recent times changed considerably from those that can be watched even a few years ago. Fifties today’s generation lived in a time when the time for marriage came along with twenty years of age, and thirty years woman was already surrounded by a crowd of children. Although it seems to us that today we are less inclined to marry, the situation is different – especially in smaller towns and villages.
Today more and more young people after school or during the study decides to marry. The effects, however, did not have to wait long – this resulted in a wave of divorces. What is the reason why the flood tide young and divorced? First of all, the desire to quickly become independent and break out of the family home. The amazing thing is that in modern times, when young are more, they decide to start a family. Young people just do not know each other well enough, or what their situation is beyond the common life and the associated mundane responsibilities and liabilities – accounts and the like.
Unfortunately, this is also due to the instability of feelings. Visits to the nightclub is not yet conducive to strengthening mutual ties. Betrayal is one of many reasons for separation – and this is not the most common. Surprisingly the use of services such place as the night club is not such a scandalous and shocking. Marriage is increasingly treated as a company that needs to function well, in accordance with certain plans and objectives – otherwise falls.
 The wave of divorces is also connected with the fact that these days no longer so afraid of loneliness, and divorce. Historically, the woman who broke up with her husband struggled with many problems and social stigma. Today’s financial independence of women and allows them to more, adds courage and willingness to fight for their own happiness and good future.


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  • Posted On June 27, 2012
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