If you own a house with a garden in the suburbs you will almost certainly have your own off street parking for at least 2 cars. A Garage is a nice to have as you can park your auto out of sight of prying eyes and, in addition, protect it from the elements and harsh sun of Arizona.

Garages are also very useful for storing all sorts of junk, from kid’s bicycles, old rugs, tool boxes, disused toys, golf clubs and much else that seems too good to discard but not of immediate utility. In fact very often the garage becomes a general junk room crowding out one of the autos. It is always advisable to be fairly ruthless about the accumulation of junk and get rid of stuff that hasn’t been used for a year.

But garage doors get antiquated and often need replacing. If your garage door is breaking up or rusting away, If you are building a house or just a garage, consider Garage Door Phoenix who have been supplying and fitting garage doors in and around Phoenix for the last twenty years. They guarantee that you, their valued customer, will receive affordable fair prices, efficiency in installation of durable garage doors of superior quality. A member of the Better Business Bureau giving assurance of their credentials.

There are many available from economy or value models to custom made wooden garage doors made to match or suit your house as well as your pocket.

Many go for the Standard Value Doors which are solid, well made, off the shelf doors as it were. Here are a large selection to choose from. These doors are mostly hinged at the side and open upward and inward. This is a useful feature as very little extra space is needed for the door when it is open. Some embellishments and decorations are usually available from the major suppliers.

There are rolling doors which roll around an axle just above and inside the garage itself. There require almost no space inside the garage and are the types of door that don’t need strong motors if one wishes to make them automatic. The one drawback is that they are usually made of fairly light gauge metal so they may not be the most secure.

But Garage doors do not have to be boring. There are models available that are side hinged and open outwards, which is fine if the driveway has the room to stop a car fully off the roadway and far enough back to open the doors.

Of course opening doors can be made to concertina with four solid panels for each car width. These of course start moving in to the somewhat higher price range.

Wooden Doors remain hugely popular as they enhance the value of the property and the best are highly durable and trouble free.

Most garage doors can be adapted to be mechanically opened responding to a radio signal from a small sender that one would keep on the key ring of the car,

In Arizona a Foothills Garage Door will give years of trouble free service

Garage Door Phoenix has been serving the Phoenix area with the highest quality garage doors and garage door services for years. Come see us today! Foothills Garage Door


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