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Bump Keys: The Most Essential Locksmithing Tool

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The idea of a master bump key has only recently become mainstream, as the ability to buy bump keys has become more accessible, but locksmiths have used these keys for centuries as part of their everyday tool kit.


- Anyone working as a locksmith, or who finds themselves in need of locksmiths often, needs to buy a bump key set to be fully equipped. Forget a heavy keyring or massive tool kit for your locksmithing needs, because just one full bump key set gives you a majority of the implements you need to open any lock.


-  It’s not just for doors. Locksmiths often find themselves picking locks for more than just homes or businesses. Bump keys are effective at opening other kinds of locks, as well. For instance, if you lose the keys to a padlock, you can rest assured that a professional, locksmith set of bump keys would have the padlock bump key you need. In no time, you have access to your valuables, whether they be behind a traditional door lock or a padlock.


-  Locksmiths need and use bump key sets daily, making a lock bump key a necessity for any and all locksmithing. When you buy a bump key or bump key set, you equip yourself like a professional, and prepare yourself to open any lock quickly, easily, and efficiently. If you are building a locksmithing tool kit, buy a bump keys set to complete your outfit.


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