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Burning Man calls for ‘RV motorhome’!

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Burning Man needs no introduction if you love art as a form of self-expression and self-reliance. Year after year, the Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada soaks up thousands of Expressionists baring their inner souls to the world.

This year, the Burning Man comes around on the 27th August to last up till 04th September 2012. While you go about fixing yourself up at this year’s Black Rock, let’s walk you through what many find a tough face-off—a Burning Man RV.

RVs at Burning Man are a prized possession which just adds so much more substance to your cultural excursion. While tents paint a fascinating picture of life under the open skies, it’s always a bumpy ride as well.

Burning Man is the hub for party lovers. Noise, festivities, and hullabaloo pretty much define late evenings and early mornings. Partiers never seem to have enough of it, and if you aren’t a heavy sleeper, naps aren’t easy to come by—the comfy couch on a cool, air-conditioned RV makes a much-desired exception.

If you’re not the one for high decibels, Burning Man will put you to test. Renowned for all-nighters, blowouts, raves, hoedowns, the Burning Man is always abuzz. Tents and tarps won’t put off the clamor, the walls of a RV will.

The weather at Burning Man is something to be weary of. Raging dust and wind storm the venue year after year. Don’t expect tents to put up against swirling whirlwinds, and fierce dust storms. A RV motorhome is excellent against such binds.

Water is a key resource at Burning Man. Since no dumping is allowed, campsters share public toilets. While others walk across for washing up, you enjoy your ablutions in a private RV bathroom. And you bet– nothing beats a quick shower on a hot, dusty Burning Man day.

Put together, a motorhome RV at the Burning Man is all but:

Protection from notorious weather – dust /rain storms

Personal A/C napping space

Dust-free indoor cooking


Supplies store

There’s no better way to experience the Burning Man than with a capacious RV lounging by your side. A Burning Man RV rental from USA RV rentals  is amazingly safe, comfortable, and stocks you up with the smallest possible accessory for the mega fest.

What’s more, you can right away customize and equip your RV rental motorhome the way you want. Get an easy quote for your Burning Man RV RIGHT AWAY—choose a pickup point, a drop-off location and the dates to your excursion. Live the Burning Man without getting burnt out!

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