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Business Application development in UK

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Business apps are a hot commodity, in UK and around the world. Your business app could be anything—a mobile, web, or even an offline app designed to hold up your business better.

Most business realize business apps are centric to growth proliferation. Platforms like iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, with their massive mass connect, makes today’s corporate environment conducive to business apps.

But when it comes to business application development, custom business apps come off better against commercial, off-the-shelf business applications. Here’s why:

Security. When you opt for customised software development, you call all the shots on security and rights to access. For example, you get to choose who accesses your business application and to what extent. This obviously helps in holding on to higher security levels. Since the application is unique, designed specifically for your business, it holds up strong against hacking or unauthorized break-in attempts.

Personalisation. When you go for custom business software development, you get your software done specifically to your own business, market requirements by streamlining development and target processes specific to your market. Custom software applications for business are in line with the design sensibilities of your company, integrated with the organisational operations of your business and unique to your organisation.

Easy upgrade. You can get your software applications designed such that if your business expands or you want to offer new services or take advantage of new social media opportunities, the application allows you to make these changes to your software at a later date.

Cost and time benefits. Since you pay for a software application built with specific functionality, you gain the rights to the software by default which eliminates all costs that go into buying licensing permits. Also, you can get the software developed such that you only use one programme for all purposes, rather than buying multiple pre-packaged software programmes to fulfil different purposes. Since your employees only have to learn how to use one programme, which is intuitive to the business needs and hence easier to learn, you do away with the costs of training employees to handle multiple, complicated pre-packaged software programmes. Having streamlined software developed to handle all business processes and eliminating intensive employee training also saves you time.

Softwaredevelopers UK has developed a number of cross-industry custom business apps in the UK. We have been in the development scenario for over ten years and have delivered business apps to global consumers.

Our Featured Custom Business Software Solutions:

  • Software as a Service – SaaS based products

  • RFID, QR code & OCR based tracking systems

  • Automated online billing systems with real-time integration with SaaS properties

  • Upgrades, modifications , and make over to existing software

  • Modules that either add native functions, or incorporate the functionality of third-party software

  • Re-engineered legacy applications

  • Desktop software for Windows and Mac

  • Merging database from multiple existing software onto one common platform

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