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Business Mistakes to Avoid

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A bad advertising move
Have you seen an ugly sign on a traffic light or a light pole? Written with a texta in messy writing that you can hardly read, it usually says “John the painter call …..”
Or “We buy houses no bank fees” – Who will believe that this person can buy their house if they don’t even have money to advertise? They will probably smell a scam.

Why is it a really bad idea?

To start with you may be imposed with a fine for littering or damaging public property. This is no way to advertise, there is no professionalism, if people see that you do not care about your business why would they trust you with theirs or their house or property? There is no logo that represents the business, there is no trust promoted, this actually will promote distrust and a bad reputation for the business. If people cannot read the sign and it is distrusting they will not contact you and you made all that effort in putting up the signs for nothing or for a fine maybe. So instead of gaining you could lose much more.

Conducting business with no logo

The logo is the face of the company, the company image, its brand. It promotes trust and will make the business look honest if it is well designed by professionals. The logo helps people remember the business, they can immediately identify the business by looking at the logo. If there is no logo how can they identify and remember the business? If the logo is good it may be effective and impress.

Designing your own logo

Unless you have some creativity, knowledge of computer graphics programs and understand what should be considered when creating a logo design it is not recommended that you design your own logo. The logo must be professional and promote trust and honesty.

Understanding logo copyrights is also important, knowing that you cannot design a logo that looks too much like another or you may have copyright issues later.

The person designing the logo must know what looks good and what does not, they must know what fonts they should use and which fonts they should not use. The colours they use are also important, the colours must be suitable for electronic use and printing, if the person designing the logo does not understand how to prepare a logo for prepress they may have issues later.

Printing a professional brand at home

Printing professionally designed logo and stationery at home or paying for a logo design and designing your own stationery, why can this be bad? If you paid a designer to design you logo they usually finalise it in Pantone either CMYK or PMS, finalised to print with a professional printing company. The logo is in high resolution vector format. If the logo is printed at home the colours do not come out as they should, they appear inaccurate, since the logo is in high resolution, if printed at home you are not getting all the pixels that are available and the logo will not print in high resolution. If the stationery is created at home you don’t know if it is correctly designed, if enough space is left around the edges and other important printing specifications that are required for the stationery to print correctly. Font size, positioning and sizes are important factors to consider also, to ensure that the stationery items look professional.

Overall a professional business presentation is always important starting with the business name, the logo design, website to all advertising mediums.

Andrea is the author of this article on logo design. Find more information, about brand design here


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