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Buying a Car like a Pro: Stepping out of the Showroom and Living to Tell About It

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Stepping into the car dealer’s showroom can be like volunteering for community service–you know exactly why you’re there, but you have no idea what you’re about to do. Many car buyers, particularly novices, end up with a vehicle they’re less comfortable with because they often leave car dealers in control of the purchase. To avoid feeling the chill wind of innocent car-buying, research is the key.

Every car purchase begins with a reason. Some buy vehicles for getting to and from work, while others, irrational as it may sound, do it for social status. Regardless if you will use the vehicle to show off or for daily life activities, what’s important is you’ll end up driving a vehicle that goes in sync with your lifestyle. Consider asking yourself questions like what you’ll be using the car for, what driving experience would you like to have, and how much you can afford for monthly down payments.

Once you’ve settled lifestyle issues, it’s time to do some research. Narrow down your search by looking only at models that fall within your budget range. Some excellent sources of information are car magazines, dealership or manufacturer brochures, blogs, and even your neighbor who’s driven a lot of cars in his time.

Read carefully and compare each vehicle’s features and specifications. Basically, the more you know, the better car buyer you’ll be, and the lesser chance you’ll end up with a lemon or a regretful purchase. Contact various manufacturers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to receive vehicle information and safety ratings.

In too many cases, style is always a part of car-shopping. The golden rule is to not compensate durability and reliability for looks. You may want to consider designer vehicles like a Kahn car if style is a huge concern. Designer autos are available for special order, and one can expect to receive it like it’s fresh out of the box.

Purchasing designer vehicles like a Kahn Range Rover is the male equivalent of collecting designer bags. These cars are designed to accessorize a vehicle with the image he’d want to be seen with. There’s also no need to worry about quality as these vehicles are ensured to go beyond average manufacturer standards.

The last step of the car-shopping process is negotiation. The goal there is a no-brainer; bid for the most reasonable price, shake hands with the dealer, and drive away. If you would like to read more on buying cars like a Kahn car, visit for unbiased and professional advice.


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