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Buying Flowers in Ottawa: Flowers by Birth Month

Flowers are very beautiful indeed; they could easily light up any kind of event with their different styles, variations and colors. However, did you know that there are flowers for each birth month? Just like birthstones, there are flowers that represent the birth month of every person in the world. So in the next birthday you’re going to, if you intend to bring flowers, keep in mind the following items.

Carnations represent January birthday celebrants. Carnation is said to represent admiration, beauty, pride, fascination and divine love. If the celebrant has one or more of these particular qualities, a carnation may suit them perfectly. Iris flowers represent February celebrants, in which their three petals signify the faith, dignity and intelligence the celebrant has. Iris flowers are usually associated with weddings because February is often said to be a month of love.

Daffodils represent March celebrants, which symbolize the new beginnings. The daffodil is a flower worthy of attention because it pokes through the late snow of winter fading into spring. Daffodils appear to symbolize happiness innately found in most March celebrants. Daisies symbolize the purity, love and playfulness of April celebrants. These flowers, which are found in late spring, portray a happy, youthful appearance.

Lilies for May celebrants represent their virtue, sweetness and humility. The flower’s pink, soft petals express the purity of heart, majesty and honor of May celebrants. The flower usually used to express love, the rose, symbolizes June celebrants, who are said to be passionate, loving and beautiful as well. If you intend to give roses for other occasions, such as anniversaries, Ottawa florists could help buyers see the symbolism the number of roses you give.

Delphinium is the flower that represents July celebrants. July celebrants portray an open heart, an open mind, and a very loving soul that portrays a passionate attachment to loved ones and partners. Gladiolas signify the August celebrant’s strength, beauty and moral integrity. Surely, Ottawa florists could help you find the perfect sword-shaped stems that would suit the person you intend to give the set of flowers.

The flower Aster represents September celebrants, which signify their undying love, elegance and bravery. Marigold for October celebrants signifies affection and grace. November celebrants have Chrysanthemum which signifies their optimism and happiness in life. Poinsettia for December celebrants signifies their cheerful merry attitude. Finding these flowers would be easy by asking an owner or the florist Ottawa flower shops have on duty.


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