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C++ is a type of computer programming language

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C++ is a type of computer programming language. Created in 1983 by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ was designed to serve as an enhanced version of the C programming language. C++ is object oriented and is considered a high level language. However, it features low level facilities. C++ is one of the most commonly used programming languages.

The development of C++ actually began four years before its release, in 1979. It did not start out with the name C++; its first name was C with Classes. In the late part of 1983, C with Classes was first used for AT&T’s internal programming needs. Its name was changed to C++ later in the same year. C++ was not released commercially until the late part of 1985.

Developed at Bell Labs, C++ enhanced the C programming language in a variety of ways. Among the features of C++ are classes, virtual functions, templates, and operator overloading. The C++ language also counts multiple inheritance and exception handling among its many features. C++ introduced the use of declarations as statements and includes more type checking than is available with the C programming language.

Considered a superset of the C programming language, C++ maintains a variety of features that are included within its predecessor. As such, C programs are generally able to run successfully in C++ compilers. However, there are some issues that may cause C code to perform differently in C++ compilers. In fact, it is possible for some C code to be incompatible in C++.

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